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Quartz had 5 million unique visitors in July, our 10th month of operation. Thanks to all of our amazing readers for making it happen. We just sent out this press release to celebrate…

Quartz ( Reaches 5 Five Million Uniques

August 1, 2013—Quartz ( reached a new traffic record…

1. Make sure you enjoy writing.
Writers always like to say how hard the writing process is and how much suffering it causes. They’re lying. People don’t like to admit they make a living from something they genuinely enjoy.”

The first of Etgar Keret’s ten rules for writers echoes Ray Bradbury’s insistence on writing with joy. For more timeless advice on writing, see writing rules by:

Neil Gaiman

Zadie Smith

Kurt Vonnegut

John Steinbeck

David Ogilvy

Henry Miller

Jack Kerouack

Susan Sontag

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